CROWDTRADERUK in the mountains regions of UK are give to mankind the best kinds of black in the world. The cost of some high grades of can reach several tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per pound! But at the same time consumption of this one of the most famous of drink continues to increase from year to year, giving the new opportunities for all traders in the world.


    Hourly For 11 Hours

    Min - $1

    Max - $25,000


    Hourly For 24 Hours

    Min - $1

    Max - $50,000


    Hourly For 500 Horus

    Min - $1

    Max - $75,000

Welcome to our Company

CROWDTRADERUK Limited company has official registration in Great Britain, but core business is located on UK. Exactly here there are one of the largest auctions of the world by the selling of large consignments of of different grades and types. Mister Dinesh Ranatunga, the founder and owner of the House Limited company, the citizen of Great Britain, but is a native of Uk and very well knows the business and all its features. CROWDTRADERUK Limited company was created in 1999 and since then significantly strengthened own line items in the international market. Developing the international cooperation and finding the new markets, the CROWDTRADERUK Limited company increases sales volumes and develops the new directions of growth and progress of the company.

Just sign up, make a deposit and enjoy of the clear and professional collaboration with the CROWDTRADERUK Limited company. Everything else we shall do in the best possible way for You by ourselves!

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8% - 2% - 1%



Total Profit


Total Return


Live Statistic

Started: Mar 7, 2017
Running Days: 83
Total accounts: 339
Deposited: $ 5231040.09
Withdraw: $ 1770.48
Visitors Online: 2
Last deposit: $ 100,000.00 (kolyanechaev)
Last withdraw: $ 11.28 (minhfpt16)
Last update: May 29, 2017

About Us

CROWDTRADERUK in the mountains regions of UK are give to mankind the best kinds of black in the world.


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